​Volunteer Warren 

My heart feels heavy. In my lifetime, our country has never felt more divided than at present. Communities nationwide are feeling a ripple effect of this divisive election cycle and the root causes which made it so. We have a choice. A choice to continue to emphasize things which divides us or a choice to come together, bridge the gap, and support each other. I choose to take action, start local, and work toward building a better community.  

I love Warren. Warren is wonderful. In the handful of years since my family bought our little house, we have met some of the most dedicated and passionate community advocates, leaders, and cheerleaders for our tiny town on the water.  I am ecstatic to be raising my children in such a tight-knit community of caring, active citizens. So many people and groups are doing amazing work to build community and improve Warren.

I am creating a new group to promote collaboration and work toward continuing progress in Warren. Volunteer Warren will address our town’s most pressing needs through service work. This group will connect those who want to serve our community with existing  groups and projects that could benefit from volunteers. Volunteer Warren will also develop grassroots action plans to address local needs through service work. My vision is to maximize our collective talents, interests and resources to create sustainable change for a better Warren.

The group is for individuals looking to get involved and serve our community, folks who are already doing inspiring work and could benefit from more supporters, representatives from groups that could use volunteers for upcoming events, and simply any passionate, engaged Warrenites. Service work should be accessible to everyone who is interested in giving of themselves. Whether you are available to volunteer 10 hours per week or one hour every other month - if you are interested in serving Warren, we’ll match you up with a project that fits your availability and passion.

I am hopeful that if you are still reading this, you are thinking: ‘Yes! Absolutely! How do I get involved?’ Simple. Join Volunteer Warren. Join the group through Facebook: Volunteer Warren and through our website www.VolunteerWarren.org. Alternatively, you can call me at 401.903.2882 to join.

We will be hosting our first meeting on Wednesday, November 30th at 7 p.m. at Market Street Pub & Grill.

Volunteer Warren.

Do good. Start Local.

Jillian Sypole

Warren, Rhode Island 

A gracious THANK YOU to my friends and family who listened, critiqued, edited, filmed, photographed, promoted, and SUPPORTED this project with a BIG and IMMEDIATE: YES. 

Judith Camara-Harvey

Jessica Pflaumer
Walter Conklin

Steve Sypole, Amanda Montgomery, 

John Treacy, Dora Treacy, ​Paddy Treacy, Mary Treacy, Colleen Buzby, Jennifer Joubert, Lisa Speidel, Uriah Donnelly, Amy Davock

Photo Credits: Drew Pflaumer

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